Terms of Services

Account creation

Users of this site can create only one account and submit names exclusively through that account. If it is determined that a user has created more than one account, all accounts belonging to that user will be locked or terminated, unless the creation of that account has been previously authorized by the owner(s) or Administrators of the Preselecting.com Website.

This account is given to each user as a privilege and can be locked, suspended or terminated whenever Network Package or the owner(s) of the Website deem it necessary.


By submitting a list of domains for evaluation, you are certifying that you accept our terms and conditions.

Terms of service update

We reserve the right to change these terms of service at our sole discretion. It is your responsibility to always check this section of the terms of service before you submit names for consideration in order to determine if the terms of service have suffered and update. Last updated on: August 05, 2016.

Refund policy

Since reviewing data and producing the report takes considerable time and effort, issuing a refund is not possible. We do not offer refunds. So, please, make sure you are 100% sure you want to use our service before you do so.

Domain evaluation and suggested price

The evaluation of your domain, our opinion on its value and the suggested prices included on the reports we produce are based on our opinion and interpretation of the domain market and they do not constitute a guarantee that your domain will sell for the suggested amount.