What services do you offer?

We offer domain portfolio evaluation services.

What do you mean by porfolio review?

We conduct research and review data related to your domain names in order to get an idea of their value. This research may include checking sales reports of similar domain names, as well as the number of end-users for domains that contain specific keywords. We underline your strengths and weaknesses based on the names you submit and provide you with recommendations of what you could do to improve your domain investing strategy. Notice that this service is different to the domain valuation or evaluation service.

What is the price of the portfolio review service?

If you order a Full Portfolio Review report, we charge $2.99 per name. You must submit a minimum of 10 domains, although you may send many more. Typically, users of our service send us between 25 and 50, but there's no limit.

If you only need an appraisal for a single domain name, we charge $9.99.

Do I have to register with your site in order to send you a list?

We encourage you to register to get information on future member benefits and business-related information, but you can still order our services without registering. Registration is totally FREE.

Where do I send my domain list?

You can send it to our main email address: info@preselecting.com.

If I order an appraisal for a single name, what will it contain?

For each domain we appraise, we will send you a comment with at least 50 words stating the reason why we think your domain is or is not valuable. Again, this applies to individual appraisals, not to the domain portfolio evaluation service. We will base our valuation opinion on data related to the sale of similar domain names, as well as the number of potential end-users for your domains. If, in our opinion, the domain is worthless, we will clearly state that as well.

We will also include a price tag suggestion for the retail price of your domain. This price tag will be presented in the form of a price range. For example: "We would price this domain between $2000-$2500.

Your individual domain appraisal will look like this:

How much do you charge for the individual domain appraisal service?

We charge $9.99 per name.

How long do I have to wait for my evaluation report or my portfolio review?

If you order a Full Portfolio Review, you will get your report within 72 hours. If you order an appraisal for a single name, you will receive it within 48 hours.

How and when do I pay for my evaluation report or my portfolio review?

Once we receive your domains, we will send you an invoice. As soon as you take care of the invoice, we will start the domain evaluation process. If the invoice is not paid within 24 hours, we reserve the right to cancelling it and deleting the order. If you still want us to evaluate your domain, we will need to submit them again.

Are there any names you would NOT review or appraise?

We do not appraise adult-related names or names with xxx extension. We do not appraise drug-related domain names or names that refer to something illegal.

How long have you been in the domain industry?

We have been buying and selling domain names for nearly a decade. We are well known on the domain portals and forums, particularly at NamePros.com as infosec3, which is our NamePros user name. We are recognized as sellers of GEO and generic domain names. Check two other sites we operate: www.Filesville.com, and www.NetworkPackage.com.

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